Patyka Detox Cleansing Foam + Melting Cleansing Oil Bundling

Rp 500,000

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Rp 500,000

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This package consists of:
1 Patyka Melting Cleansing Oil 150 ml
1 Patyka Detox Cleansing Foam 150 ml
Patyka Melting Cleansing Oil
Patyka Melting Cleansing Oil 150 ml   + Rp 0
Patyka Detox Cleansing Foam
Patyka Detox Cleansing Foam 150 ml   + Rp 0
    Patyka Melting Cleansing Oil 150 ml:
    Oil make-up removal is the first step in the double cleaning CLEAN. Double cleansing is the most effective method to remove impurities from the skin while protecting it.
    For a more regular skin texture, a plumped skin and a luminous complexion, adopt thMelting Cleansing Oil e : it is the care essential to dislodge lipophilic molecules, stubborn make-up, excess sebum or pollution residues, responsible for a dull complexion and a premature skin ageing process.
    Patyka Detox Cleansing Foam 150 ml:
    Cleansing is the second stage of the double cleaning CLEAN. The CLEAN ritual removes make-up, cleanses and plumps the skin deep down for a luminous complexion and a more even skin texture.
    Detox Foaming Cleanser frees the skin from impurities and removes pollution particles accumulated during the day.
    Suitable for all skin types, it is enriched with Aloe Vera with its moisturizing and soothing properties, and Organic Moringa with its exceptional detoxifying power.
    How To Use

    Patyka Melting Cleansing Oil 150 ml:

    Apply with the fingertips on the face, including the eyes, gently massage until all the makeup is dissolved.

    Continue with the second step of make-up removal (the Detox Cleansing Foam) or simply emulsify with a little water, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.


    Patyka Detox Cleansing Foam 150 ml:

    Directly on top of the Melting Cleansing Oil, or once the face is rinsed and still wet, apply the Detox Cleansing Foam with the fingertips and rinse off with lukewarm water.

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