RP. 1.050.000 RP. 650.000

A Fresh, energetic, citrusy and spicy fragrance for men.

The concept of ARMAND BASI NIGHT BLUE is based on the blue color of the sky in the magic hour before dawn. This is a mysterious moment, quiet and calm, the moment of waiting before the arrival of a new day, full of suspense, the day of promises that must be fulfilled.

The fragrance brings to mind quiet nights by the sea at the blue hour, when the first lights of dawn are visible on the horizon. The day is ahead and everything is possible. NIGHT BLUE distances itself from the night, its darkness and blackness. It opens to the light, the world that awakens in blue. This is the color blue when the wind hardly blows, when the waves quietly sway and leave their soft marks on the sand. The moment when time flows slowly, and the night will soon become a memory.

s a contrast: urbanism. The quaint architecture of the illuminated horizon, the reflection of which is balanced on a fixed surface of the water. Skyscrapers that flicker like fish over the sea, streets that sparkle in the distance, flashes of light that disappear against the background of an increasingly luminous horizon. A great city that floats over the blue abyss. The man standing in front of his creation:a great modern city that is waiting for a new day."

Spray on the body or clothing. Avoid contact with eyes or irritated skin. If occurs, wash with water to clean. Keep away from fire or flame source

Top Notes: Artemisia, Lemon, Cardamom

Middle Notes: Violet, Geranium, Cistus

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Vetiver, Labdanum

Armand Basi is a Spanish fashion designer that created Armand Basi the fashion and lifestyle brand. She specialized in knitwear made of high quality Scottish yarn. In order to define her style to the next level, Armand Basi broke into new terrain; fragrance.