Somethinc Niacinamide + Moisture Beet Serum 20 ml

Rp 115,500
In stock
Say goodbye to Dark Spot, Dull, & Tired Skin! Niacinamide boosts barrier function by increasing ceramide production, while Beetroot fight Free radicals & moisturize the skin.
Help to Brighten, Improve your Skin Texture, Strengthen Skin barrier, Disguise Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation on the skin, Moisturize, Restores suppleness , Reduces Redness, Acne-Fighting, & Minimizes the appearance of dry/damaged skin
10% Niacinamide. 100% Beetroot extract from swiss
How To Use

- Use dropper to apply 5-10 drops.

- Slowly massage the serum onto cleansed face.

- Suggestion use 3x times everyday (Morning, Afternoon, & night)

- Use a product over at least 6 weeks to notice a difference.

Born in 2019, SOMETHINC was inspired by our millennial friends who are looking for High Quality, Halal Certified Skincare & Makeup products for their active lifestyle. SOMETHINC aims to fulfill the need of the young & smart generation who are not only want to look good but also find it important to use trusted ingredients with Accessible Price We created SOMETHINC, because we believe that There is always Something for Us! SOMETHINC delivers happiness to you through Best formula and Halal ingredients with Accessible Price
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  1. Girli
    Eye Color : Brown
    Hair Color : Black
    Skin Tone : Medium
    Skin Type : Normal
    Defo 5 stars!
    Aku lg pake di botol kedua, so gooood. Teksturnya watery gitu, efeknya ga lgsg kelihatan si. Soalnya aku emg banyak bgt bekas jerawat. dia bantu ngerapiin tekstur kulit juga. Local pride banget inituuu
  2. NURUL
    Eye Color : Black
    Hair Color : Light Brown
    Skin Tone : Light
    Skin Type : Normal
    jujur ini bagus banget serumnya.
    aku udah abis 4 botol serum ini karna bener2 ngaruh banget di muka aku. muka aku jadi glowing dari sebelumnya. kulit jadi kenyal2 gitu lembap aku sukaaa.. bener2 ini baguss bangettt. aku ga bakal move on dari serum ini.
  3. Alivya
    Eye Color : Black
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Skin Tone : Medium
    Skin Type : Oily
    Niacinamide Serum from Local Brand!
    First of all i just wanna say somethinc is really something! They have an amazing products
  4. Nurul
    Eye Color : Black
    Hair Color : Black
    Skin Tone : Deep
    Skin Type : Oily
    Auto glowing
    Aku pake setiap hari 2 kali sampai 3 kali. Paham kalau bakal melihat efek dari niacinamide setalah lebih dari 5 Minggu. Tapi... Dalam 2 Minggu teman2ku sudah komen kelihatan lebih glowing. Fix aku bucinnya somethinc
  5. sobah
    Eye Color : Black
    Hair Color : Black
    Skin Tone : Medium
    Skin Type : Combination
    Thank u CnF
    Sayang banget ga cocok sama niacinamide nya, bikin nambah beruntusan
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