Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Roller 10 ml

Rp 190,000 -10%
Rp 171,000
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Now available in travel size! Certified organic, vegan-friendly, all-natural, 80% essential fatty acids and fatty acid guaranteed, Can improve scar, stretchmark and wrinkle appearance
This versatile all-natural, vegan-friendly pure plant oil is suitable for all skin types. Especially excellent to recommend for body care, it is proven to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Nourishes, supports and helps to repair skin from top to toe, this is the ultimate clean beauty product. Fragrance and preservative free.
Just rosehip oil! Grown in the wilds of Africa and South America, harvested by local communities, and extracted using a chemical-free cold-pressed method. It’s certified organic from seed to bottle
How To Use
Apply 2-3 drops, using more as needed. Gently massage into skin. Use alone or follow with other moisturising products. Apply twice daily or as required
Trilogy was founded in 2002 by New Zealand sisters Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs, following their discovery of the skin-loving properties of rosehip oil. Spearheading the development and growth of the natural skincare category, the Trilogy brand has grown from a boutique Australasian operation into an international beauty brand, renowned for its rosehip and natural skincare expertise.Today the Trilogy brand continues its international reputation for producing ethical, sustainable, high-performance natural skincare.
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  1. Kirana
    Eye Color : Black
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Skin Tone : Medium
    Skin Type : Combination
    Kecil2 cabe rawit!
    Akutu penggemar oil dr jaman dulu. Tapi kadang kalo dibawa kemana2 suka repot bawa oil tuh,kadang oksidasi di jalan,kena cahaya matahari tekstur sm warnanya jd berubah. Tp karena trilogy ini botolnya gelap,dan ini tipe oil yang gak kentel butek gitu. Jd dipake dimana aja kapan aja bisa gampang. Aku pakenya gak di roll langsung ke wajah sih. Aku oles dulu ke tangan. Tp kalo misal lagi skipcare abis hydrating toner aku langsung oles ini ga pake moisturizer udah cukuppp.
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