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Yves Rocher Soin Stimulating Shampoo 300 ml

Rp 199.000 -25%
Rp 149.250
Density Rescue!
This shampoo with White Lupin, gently washes hair, strengthens it, and restores the density of hair mass*. Since beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp, we integrated Agave fructans at the heart of every formula. This new cosmetics extract activates microcirculation*, in combination with a scalp massage, allowing hair to grow stronger and more beautiful. Proven effectiveness: Restores the density of hair mass*
Its +: Its fresh, silicone-free texture that gently cleanses. Its flat capsule which makes it easier to use the product until the last drop.
Our Engagements:
• More than 98% ingredients from natural origin
• Botanical cleansing base
• Dermatologically tested formula
• Silicone-free formula
• Easily biodegradable formula
• Recyclable bottle made from 100% recycled plastic (except additive) 10.1 fl. oz./300 ml bottle
*Instrumental test of routine use during 3 months of the Stimulating Shampoo + Fortifying Conditioner + 1 month Intensive Treatment.
**In vitro tests.
How To Use
Apply to previously wet hair, massage into the scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
Yves Rocher is a worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand, founded in 1959 by the French entrepreneur Yves Rocher in La Gacilly. Yves Rocher invented a new form of beauty, with the highest respect for women and nature. It is the only global cosmetic brand to control the entire life cycle of its products: from the plant to the skin of its 30 million clients. This specificity allows Yves Rocher brand to lower enviromental impact and offer every woman quality products at an accessible price.
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Semua Ulasan
  1. Stephanie
    Eye Color : Brown
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Skin Tone : Medium
    Skin Type : Combination
    Rambut rontok berkurang
    baru pakai 1 botol tapi sudah lumayan biasa rambut abis keramas pas di hair dryer pasti banyak banget yang rontok sekarang masih ada tapi hanya beberapa helai. gak rambut rontok berserakan dimana-mana lagi.
  2. Dhina
    Eye Color : Black
    Hair Color : Black
    Skin Tone : Deep
    Skin Type : Dry
    Anti rontok
    Shampoo untuk mengurangi rambut rontok. Tidak membuat rambut kering. rambut lembut setealh pemakaian.
  3. Syifa
    Eye Color : Black
    Hair Color : Black
    Skin Tone : Deep
    Skin Type : Dry
    Sampo anti rontok
    Kupake ini sebulanan rontok berkurang dikit sih, tapi ngga tau krn sampo ini atau emang konsumsi vitamin juga buat ngurangin rontok. However ini sampo cukup enak dipake lembut wanginya, sayang wanginya cuma sebentar pas keramas ajah
  4. Putri
    Eye Color : Black
    Hair Color : Black
    Skin Tone : Light
    Skin Type : Combination
    Aku pake semua produk yves rocher karna bahan2 nya alami
    Aku susah cari produk shampoo yg cocok karna rambut aku lepek kering dan rontok. Tapi shampoo ini cocok ga bikin rambut aku rontok lagii dan ga bikin kering. Wanginya juga enakk
  5. Melly
    Eye Color : Brown
    Hair Color : Light Brown
    Skin Tone : Deep
    Skin Type : Dry
    Just try it !!
    Shapoo penolong banget sih, awal nya sih gk yakin ya nge bantu seperti claim produknya. Tp well sejauh ini. Shampoo ini ngebantu banget sih. Ya walau pun yg bener2 bikin rambut gue gk rontok lagi, but well, to be honestly, its worth it, geng.
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