Privacy Policy

Kebijakan Privasi

This Privacy Policy is a commitment from PT Izone Indonusa ("Corporation" or "We, Us, Our") to honor and safeguard ("Site", "the Site") user ("User", "the User" or "You") data or personal information.

This Privacy Policy (also with Terms and Condition and other rules and procedure informations described in the Site) establish the basis for acquisition, collection, processing, analysis, display, delivery, access, storage, modification, removal, and/or any other form of processing that involves data or personally identifiable information that User submits to Site or the Site collects from User or from a third-party.

By clicking "Register" or any similar operation on the Site pages, User has confirm the validity and correctness of every User Personal Data submitted to the Site, User has acknowledged that He/She has been informed and understood rules according to this Privacy Policy, and User has given consent to Us to acquire, collect, analyze, display, deliver, access, store, remove, process, and/or use the given data according to purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

1. Acquisition and Collection of User Personal Data

We collect User Personal Data for the purpose of processing User transactions, manage and expedite Site usability, and other purposes as allowed by applicable law and regulations.

User data that are collected is as follows:

  1. Data that are submitted by the User themselves, included but not limited to data that are submitted by User when:
    1. Creating or modifying User's Site account, includes user name, email address, handphone number, password, birth date, gender, billing address, shipping address, profile picture, beauty profile information (skin condition, hair, eye, scent preference) and other information that can identify the User;
    2. Contacting Site, including via Site's Customer Service;
    3. Filling surveys from Site or other party that have been officially appointed by Site;
    4. Filling product review and rating feature in Site;
    5. Using services on Site, includes detailed transaction data; namely: type of transaction, quantity and/or description of products or services purchased, shipping address, payment method used, transaction amount, transaction date and time, and other transaction data;
    6. Filling payment data when User performs payment transaction via Site, including but not limited to: bank account data, credit card, internet banking, electronic wallet;
    7. Filling shipping address data, including but not limited to: full address, phone number, shipping address addressee name;
  2. Data that are recorded while the User browses and uses the Site, including but not limited to:
    1. User's estimated location data such as device IP address and geo-location;
    2. Time of every User activity when using the Site, including registration time, login and transactions;
    3. User usages or preferences, namely User's interation when using the Site, saved options, and chosen settings. Those data are acquired by using cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies that can produce a unique identifier for the User while User is using the Site
    4. Data of device used to access the Site, namely device type, hardware model, operating sistem and version, software, browser type, language setting;
    5. Log data, namely records stored on server when receiving data, namely device IP address, access date and time, viewed page or feature, Site's processes and other system activity, browser type, and/or third-party site or services that are used by User when interacting with the Site.
  3. Data that are acquired from other sources, including but not limited to:
    1. Geo-location data (GPS) from Site's business partner that helps the Site in developing and providing Site's services for the Users; namely payment services partner, logistic or courier partner, site infrastructure partner, and other business partners;
    2. User social media platform data namely Facebook, Google, namely email, handphone number, name, gender, birth date to enable User access to the Site via social login feature.
We may combine data that are collected from these sources with other data that We have.

2. Usage of User Personal Data

We may use Personal Data that are acquired and collected from User for the following usages:
  1. Processing all type of requests, activity and transactions that are performed by the User on the Site, including for the purpose of shipping of User's order.
  2. Providing features to provide, realize, maintain and improve Our product and services, including:
    1. Offer, acquire, provide, or facilitate services such as home page, browsing, searching, product recommendation and other services by using the Site;
    2. Enable personalization feature of User Site's account, such as Shopping Cart, Wish List;
    3. Performing internal activities to ensure the availability of Site's services, such as software troubleshooting, bug handling, operational issues, data analysis, testing, research, usage and activity monitoring and trend analysis.
  3. Facilitate User's communication with the Site's Customer Service, namely to:
    1. Check and resolve User's issue or problem;
    2. Directing User's question or request to the proper Customer Service officer to handle the issue or problem;
    3. Monitor and improve Site's Customer Service response;
    4. Contacting the User via email, postal mail, phone, fax, and other communication method, including buat limited to facilitate and complete transaction process, issue resolution process, giving news and other notifications related to protection of User's Personal Data, including data protection failure notification;
    5. Using information acquired from the User for the purpose of product research, analysis, development, testing to improve services on the Site, as well of development of new product and services;
    6. Inform the User related to products, services, promotions, studies, surveys, news, trends, events and other informations, either via Site or other media. We can also use those information for the purpose of promotion and processing of contests, lottery, and gifts.
  4. Monitor and investigate suspicious transactions or fraud indicated transactions or violation of Site's Terms and Conditions or applicable law and regulations; as well of perfoming required follow up measures related to those transactions;
  5. On certain circumstances, We might need to use or disclose User's Personal Data for the purpose of law enforcement or fulfillment of regulations requirements and obligations; including in the case of dispute or legal proceedings between User and the Site, or allegation of criminal conduct such as fraud or data theft;
  6. Facilitate corporate actions such as merger, sale of corporate assets, consolidation, restructuring, financing, or acquisitions that involves the Site.

3. Disclosure of User Personal Data

  1. We are committed to protect the secrecy of User's Personal Data that are under Site's control and guarantee that there are no disclosure, selling; transfer, distribution and/or lend of User's Personal Data to other third-party, without consent from the User, except in the following cases:
    1. User's Personal Data disclosure is required by business partner or other third-party that helps Us to provide current or future Site services and to process all types of User activities on Site, including transaction processing, payment verification, promotion, and order shipment;
    2. We may provide User's Personal Data to business partner with consent from the User in order to utilize business partner's services, included are applications or other sites that have integrate their API or services;
    3. Communication requirement between Site's business partner (such as logistic provider, payment provider, and other feature or service provider) with the User in case of issue resolution and other related things;
    4. We may provide User's Personal Data to vendor, consultant, marketing partner, research firm/institute, or similar service provider in the context of marketing activity that are performed by third party; improvement and maintenance Site's service quality; as well as other publication activities;
    5. User contacts Us via public media such as blog, social media, and certain feature on Site, in which communications between User and Site can be seen and known by the public;
    6. We may share User's Personal Data to corporate group and affiliation in order to help provide services and data processing for and on behalf of the Site;
    7. We disclose User's Personal Data for the purpose of obeying law obligations and/or legitimate request from law enforcement officers in accordance to applicable law and regulations.
  2. Related to User personal data disclosure as described above, User personal data disclosure to corporation group, third party service provider, agent and/or affiliates or company related to the Site will be done in compliance with applicable law and regulations.

4. Cookies

  1. The Site is using Cookie feature in order to operate Site's features and services;
  2. Cookie is a small file that automatically take place in the User's device that function to store preference as well of User's configuration while User's visiting a site;
  3. Cookie is not used to access other User's data on User's device, other than what has been agreed by the User;
  4. Although the User's device automatically accepts cookies, User can have the option to decline to accept Cookie via browser setting;
  5. If the User decides not to accept Cookie, then it may hinder optimal use of Site's feature and services when User is accessing the Site.
  6. Cookie usage on the Site includes but not limited to:
    1. Identify User's session while the User is using the Site, especially when User logged in to Site; User's session is required in order to know, access and process User's Data, User's interation with Site, User's setting and preferences, and User's shopping cart;
    2. Acquire analysis of Site's User usage data, such as demography, geographical location, page visit activities, viewed products, product addition to shopping cart, and order payment using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel platform;
    3. Using Site's User usage analysis data for the purpose of marketing, advertising, and tracking.

5. User Preference and Transparency

  1. User can access and modify User's Personal Data such as password, billing address, shipping address, additional address, profile picture, beauty profile via Site's account setting feature;
  2. Modification of User's Personal Data namely full name, email, handphone number, birth date, gender is specially linked to User's Site account, to modify these data is only possible via request to Site's Customer Service;
  3. Site will or may send messages or emails about order transaction detail or information related to User account;
  4. As long as it is does not violate applicable law and regulations, User can contact Us to withdraw User's consent for the Site to acquire, collect, store, manage, and use of User's Personal Data. When that happens User understands the consequence that User will not be able to use Site's feature and services.

6. Security, Storage and Removal of User Personal Data

  1. Site will store User's Personal Data as long User's account is active and Site can remove User Personal Data in compliance with applicable law and regulations;
  2. We protect User's Personal Data that are stored in Site's system, also protect the data from unauthorized access, use, modification, retrieval and/or disclosure by using a number of security measures and procedures, using mechanism including but not limited to password, OTP (One Time Password) code that are sent via SMS to User's handphone, and the use of HTTPS internet protocol;
  3. User's Personal Data can also be stored or processed outside of country by Site's business partner in other country, or by Site's third-party service providers, vendors, suppliers, partners, contractors, or affiliations. In this case, We will make sure that User's Personal Data stays protected as per Our commitment as described in this Privacy Policy;
  4. Although We have exercise best effort to secure and protect User's Personal Data, it is needed to know that data transfer via the Internet is cannot be completely secure. Therefore we cannot guarantee 100% security of data that are provided or submitted to Site by the User and security of data submission is a risk that is borne by the User themselves;
  5. We will remove and/or anonymize User's Personal Data that are under Our control when (i) User's Personal Data is no longer needed to meet the purpose of its collection; (ii) storage of User's Personal Data is no longer required in compliance with applicable law and regulations;
  6. User can request account deletion inquiry on User's personal data stored in Site, by contacting our Customer Service. We will process the inquiry in compliance with applicable law and regulation, or We will inform the User period of time needed by us to process it.
  7. User's Personal Data deletion will remove User's benefits and facilities that was previosly acquired from Site such as, but not limited to: User's earning point from sales transaction.
  8. User is responsible for their own account and User personal data security, especially when sharing it to other party. In the event of negligence in the User's part, Site will not be hold responsible and free of any obligations.
  9. Note that there is a possibility that some of User's Personal Data may have been stored by other party, including authorized government agencies. In case of when We share User's Personal Data to authorized government agency and/or other agency that are officially appointed by the government or have cooperation with the Site, User agrees and acknowledge that storage of User's Personal Data by those agencies will adhere the respective agency data management policies.

7. Access and Modification of User Personal Data or Consent Withdrawal

  1. We take reasonable steps to make sure that User's Personal Data are being processed accurately and completely. However, it is important that the User inform Us in timely manner if there is a modification of User's Personal Data or in the case of a mistake of User's Personal Data that are under Our control;
  2. User have the rights to access and corrects User's Personal Data that are under Our control via Site's Customer Service that described in this Privacy Policy. However, those request will only be processed by Us if the User have provide an adequate proof of identity in order to be able to access or correct those data. We have the rights to reject access or correction request for some or all of User's Personal Data that We have or are under Our control as long it is allowed or required by applicable law and regulations. Included are the case where those Personal Data may have reference to other people's personal data or when we consider the reason of correction request are not relevant, nothing serious, or troublesome;
  3. User can withdraw His/Her consent that have been given related to processing of User's Personal Data that are under Our control by submitting those request via Site's Customer Service. We will process User's request in reasonable time since those request have been submitted, and after that Site will not be processing User's Personal Data again as per the User's request, except when it is required by applicable law and regulations. In the case of an occurence of consent withdrawal, We may not be able to perform Our duties that have been agreed between User and the Site. Related to that, also becase we cannot perform our duties becase User have withdrawn His/Her consent, there is a possibility that every legal relation between Us and the User will be over and can no longer be continued.

8. User Data Protection Complaint

  1. If User have concerns about treatment or handling of User's Peronal Data or if User believe that User's privacy have been violated, User can contact the Site via Site's Customer Service by providing User's identity and explaining the nature of the complaint;
  2. We will investigate the User's complaint and will try to give a response to the complaint in a reasonable time period since the complaint have been submitted by the User.

9. Contact Us

In case the User is having a question, comment, complaint, or claim related with this Privacy Policy or User want to access and/or correct User's Personal Data, User can contact Us via the Site's Customer Service.

10. Privacy Policy Update

We can at anytime perform modification or update to this Privacy Policy. We recommend that the User carefully read and examine this Privacy Policy page from time to time to be aware of any modifications. By keep accessing and using Site's services then the User is considered to have agreed to the Privacy Policy modifications.
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