C&F - The House of Oud Keep Glazed EDP 75 ml

The House of Oud Keep Glazed EDP 75 ml

Rp 3.750.000
A FRUITY GOURMAND fragrance for men and women.
Produk ini tidak mendukung untuk grafir personalisasi.
KEEP GLAZEDThanks toKsenia Penkina’s inspirations,skillfully interpreted by Andrea Casotti andsynthesized by the creative genius ofCristian Calabrò, we will be able toexperience a sweet summer tasting inpreview, a temptation for the palate andnose, we will thus wish to extend theintimate moment to try a “patisserie”fragrance.A lively and solar scent, enclosed in theiconic hand-painted bottle, that suggestswith its soft colours and original tones, afresh olfactory texture with lively notes andirresistible ingredients

Top Notes: frozen Lemon, Mango, StrawberryLeaf

Middle Notes: Chantilly Cream, Coconut Rapé,Ginger Crumble

Base Notes: Fruity musk, precious Wood

75 ML
How To Use
Spray on the body or clothing. Avoid contact with eyes or irritated skin. If occurs, wash with water to clean. Keep away from fire or flame source.
CONCEPT THE HOUSE OF OUD is the story of a friendship between Andrea Casotti, an Italian Master Perfumier, and Mohammed Abu Nashi, a producer of Jakarta oud, two people who share a passion for art, perfumes and travel, together with a sense of beauty and their love of study. Theirs is a rather special house: it has no walls or borders, but is open to opportunities and to visits, furnished with KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and the age-old ART OF PERFUMERY. THE FRAGRANCES: OUR WAY TO USE OUD In the olfactory creations of THE HOUSE OF OUD, oud is not the key note around which the composition’s other ingredients orbit: it is the element that bonds and holds everything together, giving the bouquet character and depth. This change of perspective projects the brand’s innovative spirit, its desire to outpace fashions and to seek style alone.

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